Architectures Experimentales

Editions HYX and the FRAC Centre have jointly published Experimental Architectures, 1950-2000, the Archilab 2003 catalogue. Presented to the public through texts by critics and historians of architecture, it goes through the main figures and movements of innovative architecture: more than 100 architects and movements are presented around emblematic architectural projects of the 20th century. This volume is also a history of utopia and experimentation in architecture.

Tall Buildings

Tall Buildings
MA 33+34+35
Edited by Afshin Rafaat

Diagramma Agon


Peter Macapia and Abbey Dubin, a book that shows the work of an architect and artist interested in problems of space, topology, and politics.  Essays and images collected as part of the NOUS sponsored Borderlines Exhibition curated Nathanael Dorent and Melissa Woolford.